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Surfboat Holland

After 3 years Surfboat Holland made her first overseas trip to the World Surf Life Saving Championships in Australia. Meeting a lot of Australian Surfboat friends it all gained momentum with importing boats from Australia, recruiting new rowers, and rowing many great events in both Europe and Australia. Surfboat Holland made 3 Australian trips so far, and ended 3x top-3 at the European Surfrowing Championships. 

Nowadays Surfboat Holland has 3 crews, 3 boats and fantastic training facilities at the 'Hotzone' at the Noordpier Beach at Wijk aan Zee. A crews combination of ex-Olympic rowers, surfers, whaleboat rowers and other surf fanatics.  We will continue to participate international Surfboat competitions, and we hope to see you on the beach soon!  Want to know more about our history? Come and find out...

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