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Our Fleet

The Mermaid.

Our race boat. A 'South Coast' Surfboat, imported from Mermaid Surf Life Saving Club, Goldcoast Australia, in 2006. The Mermaid is mostly used for our events across Europe. 

The Green boat

Our latest boat. A 'Perry' Surfboat, imported from Long Reef Surf Life Saving Club, NSW Australia, in 2008. The Green Boat has recently been maintained, and will be used this season 


Our non-surf surfboat. A 'Miles' Surfboat, imported from Yamba Surf Life Saving Club, NSW Australia, in 2006. The Maroochydore  has rolling seat instead of slide seats, so we can use her for training on still water in the winter or as demo at 'normal' rowing events.

Glossy Topcoat (R.I.P)​

Our very first Surfboat, The Glossy Topcoat. A 'Unknown Brand' surfboat. We bought this old lady in 2003 as a 'shipwreck' from an Aussie who lived in the Netherlands, and after a lot of hard work she was reborne as a Glossy Diva. This is how Surfboat Holland started, as Team Glossy Topcoat. This boat was sold to a German Surf Life Saving Club in 2005.

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